14th ICN Merger Workshop/ 2 days.
Skill-Development and Discussion-Driven Workshop.

December 12 and 13, 2017
ICN Merger Workshop 2017

Welcome Message

Merger review is one of the most fundamental, and increasingly demanding international tasks of competition authorities. As such, the ICN has conducted efforts in order to address the constant need for more international dialogue and understanding of the nuances and economics of modern merger analysis.

The Mexican Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE), on behalf of the ICN is pleased to welcome you to the 14th Merger Workshop which will unfold around the topic of Modern Investigative Techniques. This training-style workshop designed for case-handlers will be an opportunity to share knowledge and experience among competition agencies and NGAs.

We are confident that this Merger Workshop will be a highly stimulating effort to strengthen the regional and international capacities on merger analysis, and to encourage fruitful discussions on best practices for merger review.

The COFECE looks forward to welcoming Workshop participants from around the world to Mexico City in December!

Alejandra Palacios – Chairwoman COFECE

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International Competition Network (ICN)

The main goal of the ICN is to improve and advocate for sound competition policy and its enforcement across the global antitrust community. The ICN seeks to develop and promote sound and principled procedural and substantive benchmarks, and to foster pro-competitive, efficiency-enhancing conduct. These benchmarks can serve as a model for governments and competition agencies looking to develop new laws and policies, and to update current practices.

The ICN provides competition authorities with a specialized and informal platform for maintaining regular contacts and addressing practical competition concerns. This allows for a dynamic dialogue that serves to build consensus and convergence towards sound competition policy principles across the global antitrust community.

Its members are competition authorities. Members produce work products through their involvement in flexible project-oriented and results-based working groups.

The five Working Groups are the following:
• Advocacy Working Group
• Agency Effectiveness Working Group
• Cartel Working Group
• Merger Working Group
• Unilateral Conduct Working Group

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The Mexican Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE for its Acronym in Spanish) is the authority responsible for supervising, promoting, and guaranteeing competition in the markets, for the benefit of consumers and economic growth in Mexico.

COFECE’s mission is to guarantee competition as well as to prevent, investigate, and fight monopolies, monopolistic practices, and unlawful mergers; regulate essential inputs and barriers to competition, in addition to any other restrictions to the efficient working of the markets in accordance with the Mexican Constitution, international treaties, and corresponding legislation.

COFECE is a founding member of the ICN and active participant through the development of work products, conferences, teleseminars and events. COFECE currently holds the ICN Vice-Chair along with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets, and Co-chairs the Advocacy Working Group, in conjunction with the Competition Commission of Singapore and the Swedish Competition Authoirty.

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